handmade in Spain

livingthings is a publishing house devoted to people who are responsive to objects. People who usually pay attention to small things: gestures, gazes, lights, scents, sounds, objects. People who have their own way of looking and seeing, who like to live amidst stimulating sensations and create unique atmospheres, singular personal spaces of their own. People of an emotional depth that can on occasion prove catching … and we are fortunate enough to have caught on!

Livingthings aspires to arouse emotions, to encourage and suggest, trigger sensations, elicit feelings, reflections and smiles. And we hope do so through objects that are endearing because they exude the thrill of their creation, pieces that have an inspiring quality and that, like everything created with care and respect, convey the radiance of attention.

Livingthings are objects that speak. They speak of beauty, proportion, brightness and rhythm; they speak of sensitivity and experimentation, of culture, boldness, humour and magic; they speak of ideas and concepts, of ways of thinking and ways of living.Above all else, however, livingthings speak of their owners.



Made in Denmark

We are a botanical studio working with interior plantscapes and decor design. Our studio is aiming to exhibit plants and everyday functional items in exciting and unexpected ways.


handmade in Belgium

We are a happy couple who loves to design and develop thoughtful interior design products. When we are not creating stuff, we are the outdoorsy type. Anneleen believes there is nothing better than the combination of experiencing amazing adventures in the great outdoors – awestruck by what beauty nature gave us – and having the knowledge that you have a warm and cozy home waiting for you. Nathan occasionally believes eating great food is better.

House Raccoon is the expression of this thought, the expression of the need to be constantly connected with nature from our own homes. That is why Anneleen often inspires her designs on the natural world. Think about our nature inspired geometric concretes but also more in general: we plant one tree per concrete sold. Nathan is often inspired by Anneleen.

We hope you feel the same as we do and invite you to start combining nature and home with us.



handmade in Gent

I’m Steffen
I like to design and make things. I live in Ghent, Belgium. Dodecahedron is a platonic love story about the realisation of abstract 3d shapes into everyday objects.


handicrafts from south eastern Kenya

Hadithi means ‘a story’ in Swahili. This name was chosen because for every product sold, we tell the unique story behind the people it was made by; informing you of the who, where and why of what you buy. Hadithi handicrafts are made in the Kasigau region of south-eastern Kenya, located between the Tsavo East and West National Parks.

to help people living in an arid area

When you buy Hadithi handicrafts, you are actively helping to provide an income for 650 ladies from an agricultural community. Situated in a semi-arid area, harvests often fail due to a lack of rain and consequently poverty is rife – enforcing the need for an alternative income.

to protect the environment

This area is a stunning and yet vulnerable ecosystem home to varied and abundant wildlife. Hadithi sales assist in providing a sustainable alternative to environmentally harmful practices like the poaching of wildlife and destruction of forests for charcoal, timber and farmland.


from Malmö with love!

We do what we love as long as we love it. That’s how it started in 2011 and that’s what keeps us going. We love colors, materials, functions, harmony and aesthetics. But most important, we love the human ability to create beautiful objects. We challenge traditional and natural materials, love color, long living object, craftsmanship and quality.


With a dream of building something unique and with a passion for good design, Hübsch was formed in 2010 by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger and Daniel Henriksen. Since then, Hübsch has grown in size and is today regarded as one of Scandinavia’s leading home interior brands.




Driven by a fascination of Nordic style and living, Founder Betina Stampe established Bloomingville in 2000. Since then, she has shared her passion for creative ways of keeping the home in a mode of constant change with people all across the globe. Along the way Betina’s husband, Simon Stampe, became CEO and Bloomingville has in the past 15 years grown into one of the main global brands for home interior.




Nordal is a family-driven interior design business with 30 employees and retailers in most of Europe and in the US.

With an eye for detail and function, the Nordal team design and produces products that add character and personality to the interior décor of the home.

With a joint passion for colours, shapes and aesthetics, the three siblings Signe Nordal Madsen, Mads Nordal Petersen and Emil Nordal runs the Nordal company, which was founded by their father in 1991.



Belgian design for you

Het is onze missie sfeervol wonen te realiseren in elk huis, in elke tuin, in elke leef- en werkomgeving. Wij creëren vanuit onze Belgische roots twee keer per jaar eigen collecties van topkwaliteit in een sober en tijdloos design.

Wij koesteren een creatieve eco-visie. Duurzaam ondernemen en ecologisch verantwoord produceren is het fundament van onze doorgedreven expertise. Met onze innovatieve creaties komen wij ook tegemoet aan diverse maatschappelijke vragen.

D&M vandaag is een onderneming die zich steeds sterker profileert op de wereldmarkt van de artisanale decoratie. Het resultaat van een rechtlijnige mis­sie, een creatieve visie en een blijvende passie.